A heritage of hospitality


The relaxed atmosphere and charm are the result of a graceful liaison of architecture and furnishings blended with care, drawing from the most exquisite antiques and modern design elements but with a keen eye to the tradition of a unique, ancient city. Artistic mirrors, modern pieces and precious antique furniture frame this apartment in the heart of Venice. Spacious rooms with all comforts invite the guest to relax: rest is guaranteed by the comfort of the beds and a singular quiet, typical of this timeless city. The kitchen and dining areas are an important part of the experience, so travellers do not miss the comforts of home that everybody knows and seeks in their daily lives to make their trip comfortable.


The fate of a far-fall in love with the city of Venice, the liaison between Giuseppe and the magical lagoon city has brought new impetus to the pluridecentennial path in architecture, in design and style research, a concept that Joseph Apartments complements all its varied background . With more than twenty years of experience in the design of luxury villas, the most sophisticated and sought after, in the design of spaces where all the comfort possible was the sum for the pleasure of the most demanding clients, with the new Venetian project devoted to the art of ' hospitality Joseph affirms the nodal dough on the expression of hospitality. Well-known reception, a tout court dedicated to the loving traveler of the beautiful looking for the real and distinctive comfort of the intimate domestic spaces, to the freshness of every single discovery that carries the art of travel. This is the secret of Joseph philosophy by Giuseppe


There isn’t a lot Samy does not know about Venice, the city where as a citizen of the world, without hesitation, placed roots in interweaving a unique and precious bond from the hottest places to hidden gems he always has the perfect suggestion to enhance your experience when staying at Joseph Apartments. With over 15 years’ experience in the luxury hotels Samy is dedicated to service and creating memorable stays for our guests, everybody to deliver generous hospitality in a layered yet singular approach. You can always expect to see Samy during your stay, whether it is a welcome on your arrival or a greeting in one of our social places.


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